Posted 12/07/12

Raising Questions

  • Is everything we eat associated with cancer? A systematic cookbook review. Click Here 
  • Nutritional epidemiology in practice: learning from data or promulgating beliefs? Click Here 

Basic Science

  • Whole-organism screening for gluconeogenesis identifies activators of fasting metabolism. Click Here 
  • Maternal Fructose Intake during Pregnancy and Lactation. Click Here 
  • Nutrient availability links mitochondria, apoptosis, and obesity. Click Here 
  • Dexamethasone stimulates mass loss and protein utilisation, but not departure from the colony in naturally fasting grey seal pups. Click Here 
  • The Fat Controller: Adipocyte Development. Click Here 
  • Fat's Immune Sentinels. Click Here 
  • Autophagy deficiency leads to protection from obesity and insulin resistance by inducing Fgf21 as a mitokine. Click Here 
  • New Evidence for Epigenetic Effects of Diet On Healthy Aging. Click Here 
  • Experimental Helicobacter suis infection causes reduced weight gain in pigs. Click Here 
  • Alternative cooling and heating as a minimally invasive approach for treating obesity. Click Here 
  • Regular treadmill exercise restores cardioprotective signalling pathways in obese mice. Click Here 
  • Changes in food intake, metabolic parameters and insulin resistance are induced by an isoenergetic, medium-chain fatty acid diet and are associated with modifications in insulin signalling in isolated rat pancreatic islets. Click Here 
  • Effects of amylin and bupropion/naltrexone on food intake and body weight are interactive in rodents. Click Here 
  • No evidence for directional evolution of body mass in herbivorous theropod dinosaurs. Click Here 
  • Treating Diabetes and Obesity with an FGF21-Mimetic Antibody. Click Here 
  • Episodic Memory and Appetite Regulation in Humans. Click Here 
  • JNK Expression by Macrophages Promotes Obesity-Induced Insulin Resistance and Inflammation. Click Here 

Clock, Sleep, Chronobiology

  • Differences in circadian rhythmicity in CLOCK 3111T/C genetic variants in moderate obese women as assessed by thermometry, actimetry and body position. Click Here 
  • Discovery of the Clock Mutant and the First Mammalian Clock Gene and the Links to Obesity. Click Here 
  • Partial sleep deprivation by environmental noise increases food intake and body weight in obesity resistant rats. Click Here 


  • The concentration of caffeine in SSBs did not influence the amount of food or SSB consumed. Click Here 
  • Can the satiating power of a high energy beverage be improved by manipulating sensory characteristics and label information? Click Here 
  • Effect of different amounts of coffee on dietary intake and appetite of normal-weight and overweight/obese individuals. Click Here 
  • Food advertisements during consumption of pizza increased food intake only in overweight/obese girls and increased caloric compensation for glucose drink in boys but not girls. Click Here 

Lifespan & Mortality

  • Body Mass Index and Mortality in Non-Hispanic Black Adults in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study. Click Here 
  • How lifespan associated genes modulate aging changes: lessons from analysis of longitudinal data. Click Here 
  • Nutrition Forced Extension of Lifespan in Drosophila: A Whole-Genome Investigation. Click Here 

Stigma & Bias

  • Weight bias in graduate school admissions. Click Here 
  • High BMI: prejudice, stereotypes, discrimination and its consequences. Click Here 
  • Obese children have lower perceived physical competence despite similar actual motor competence. Click Here 
  • Assessing bias against overweight individuals among nursing and psychology students: an implicit association test. Click Here 

Policy related

  • Providing calorie information was effective at reducing calorie consumption only when dining with friends, and for females. Click Here 
  • Current obesity prevention strategies and those considered feasible and effective are often mismatched with the empirical literature. Click Here 
  • Chocolate warnings don't work on women. Click Here 
  • Health Public Policy Public opinion on food-related obesity prevention policy initiatives. Click Here 
  • Addressing the policy cacophony does not require more evidence: an argument for reframing obesity as caloric overconsumption. Click Here 
  • Taxing Food and Beverages: Theory, Evidence, and Policy. Click Here 
  • Accounting for product substitution in the analysis of food taxes targeting obesity. Click Here 
  • SSB tax of 20% estimated to cause an average weight loss of 1.6 pounds in the first year. Click Here 
  • Drs. Yach and Brownell debate on Role of Food Industry in Obesity. Click Here 
  • NOPREN Supplement: Evaluating Policies and Processes for Promoting Healthy Eating (multiple articles). Click Here 

Breast Feeding

  • Infant Feeding and Growth: Can We Answer the Causal Question? Click Here 
  • Downey Report: Evidence Does Not Support Breastfeeding as Protective Against Obesity. Click Here 


  • Optimal scaling of weight and waist circumference to height for maximal association with body fat. Click Here 
  • Video Journal: Functional Imaging of Brown Fat in Mice with 18F-FDG micro-PET/CT. Click Here 
  • Modeling Obesity Histories in Cohort Analyses of Health and Mortality. Click Here 
  • New strategies needed for investigating taste-obesity relationships. Click Here 
  • Percent weight loss as a method of reporting weight loss after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. Click Here 
  • An Integrated Framework for Assessing the Value of Community-Based Prevention. Click Here 

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral

  • Some Consequences of Having Too Little. Click Here 
  • BMI was linked to high job demands and that this relationship is even stronger for those employees who have little control over their work. Click Here 
  • Effect of reducing total fat intake on body weight: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials and cohort studies. Click Here 
  • Extra fruit may not ward off daily hunger. Click Here 
  • Physical readiness and obesity among male U.S. Navy personnel with limited exercise availability while at sea. Click Here 
  • Eating Fewer, Larger Meals May Prove Healthier for Obese Women Click Here 
  • Effects of body images, dietary restraint, and persuasive messages on females' orientations towards chocolate. Click Here 
  • Evaluation of gene-obesity interaction effects on cholesterol levels: A genetic predisposition score on HDL-cholesterol is modified by obesity. Click Here 
  • Artificial sweeteners: a place in the field of functional foods? Focus on obesity and related metabolic disorders. Click Here 
  • Obesity is Contagious! Evidence from US Data. Click Here 
  • Effects of diet macronutrient composition on body composition and fat distribution during weight maintenance and weight loss. Click Here 
  • The Role of Nutrition in Health Status after Spinal Cord Injury. Click Here 
  • Body mass index underestimates adiposity in women with spinal cord injury. Click Here 
  • A fuzzy cognitive map of the psychosocial determinants of obesity. Click Here 
  • Americans Continue to Adjust Their Ideal Weight Upward. Click Here 
  • Resveratrol had no effect on insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, glucose production and turnover, REE, lipid oxidation, lipid accumulation, or inflammatory biomarkers in obese men over 4 weeks. Click Here 
  • Metformin in obesity, cancer and aging: addressing controversies. Click Here 
  • Exenatide as a Novel Weight Loss Modality in Patients Without Diabetes (systematic review). Click Here 
  • Effects of Parents' Employment Status on Changes in Body Mass Index and Percent Body Fat in Adolescent Girls. Click Here 
  • Alterations of body mass index and body composition in atomic bomb survivors. Click Here 
  • Obese children show a higher mean discrepancy between skeletal and chronologic ages. Click Here 
  • Social relationships can have both positive and negative associations with obesogenic behaviors. Click Here 
  • Weight-ing: The experience of waiting on weight loss. Click Here 
  • Distance to primary food store did not predict Fruit & Vegetable consumption. Click Here 

Nutrition (not obesity)

  • Scant Evidence That Salt Raises BP. Click Here 
  • White rice consumption associated with lower risk of diabetes. Click Here 
  • The western diet and lifestyle and diseases of civilization. Click Here 
  • Reflections on dietary guidance and the status of carbohydrate on both sides of the Atlantic. Click Here 

General Science

  • This I believe: agricultural science and genetics. Click Here 
  • A Comprehensive Genetic Approach for Improving Prediction of Skin Cancer Risk in Humans. Click Here 
  • Time and Money Are Being Wasted in the Lab. Click Here 
  • Research grants: Conform and be funded. Click Here 
  • Commentary: Epidemiologic Methods Are Useless: They Can Only Give You Answers. Click Here 
  • Commentary: What, Me Worry?: Chemicals and Causality. Click Here 
  • Commentary: Social Epidemiology: Questionable Answers and Answerable Questions. Click Here 
  • More Author Disclosure: Solution or Absolution? Click Here 
  • Is a healthy diet an environmentally sustainable diet? Click Here 


  • The UAB College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) invites applications for the position of Chair of the Department of Biology. Click Here