Posted 11/23/12

Basic Science

  • Dynamics of energy utilization in male and female turkeys during growth. Click Here 
  • Feed restriction delays developmental fast skeletal muscle myosin heavy chain isoforms in turkey poults selected for differential growth. Click Here 
  • Altered feeding differentially regulates circadian rhythms and energy metabolism in liver and muscle of rats. Click Here 
  • Deep Brain Stimulation for the Treatment of Binge Eating: Mechanisms and Preclinical Models. Click Here 
  • Disruption of cue-potentiated feeding in mice with blocked ghrelin signaling. Click Here 
  • Comparison of Brown and White Adipose Tissue Fat Fractions in ob, seipin and Fsp27 Gene Knockout Mice. Click Here 
  • MyomiR-133 regulates brown fat differentiation through Prdm16. Click Here 
  • Neuronal overexpression of insulin receptor substrate 2 leads to increased fat mass, insulin resistance, and glucose intolerance during aging. Click Here 
  • Psychosocial stress and diet history promote emotional feeding in female rhesus monkeys. Click Here 
  • Visceral Adipose Tissue Quantification Using Lunar Prodigy. Click Here 
  • Identification of a novel benzimidazole derivative as a highly potent NPY Y5 receptor antagonist with an anti-obesity profile. Click Here 
  • Novel melanocortin 4 receptor agonist causes weight loss in obese rhesus macaques. Click Here 
  • Understanding the role of gut microbes and probiotics in obesity: How far are we? Click Here 
  • The role of gut microbiota in human obesity: Recent findings and future perspectives. Click Here 
  • Non-glucose metabolism in cancer cells—is it all in the fat? Click Here 


  • Wales' top doctor Ruth Hussey suggests debate over an 'obesity law'. Click Here 
  • Strengthening the rigour of population-wide, community-based obesity prevention evaluations. Click Here 
  • Cheaper Fruits And Vegetables Alone Can't Save Food Deserts. Click Here 
  • No statistically significant associations were found between fast-food density/variety and consumption. Click Here 
  • A fat debate on big food? Unraveling blogosphere reactions. Click Here 
  • Study finds high customer support for nutritional disclosure at restaurants. Click Here 
  • The effect of reduced-fat labelling on chocolate expectations. Click Here 
  • Childhood obesity, parental duties of care and strategies for intervention. Click Here 
  • Medicare agrees to pick up the tab for obesity counseling. Click Here 
  • Behavioral Determinants of Obesity: Research Findings and Policy Implications. Click Here 
  • Study says medical schools under-focus on obesity. Click Here 


  • Consuming pork proteins at breakfast reduces the feeling of hunger before lunch, but not subsequent energy intake. Click Here 
  • Egg breakfast caused lower intake of energy relative to croissant- and cereal-based breakfasts at subsequent lunch and evening meal. Click Here 
  • New weight loss diet recommends high-carb and protein big breakfast. Click Here 
  • Differential roles of breakfast only (one meal per day) and a bigger breakfast with a small dinner (two meals per day) in mice fed a high-fat diet with regard to induced obesity and lipid metabolism. Click Here 
  • A School Breakfast Program did not have a significant effect on children's school attendance or academic achievement. Click Here 
  • Acute glycaemic load breakfast manipulations do not attenuate cognitive impairments in adults with type 2 diabetes. Click Here 
  • The breakfast effect: Dogs (Canis familiaris) search more accurately when they are less hungry. Click Here 
  • Short-term effect of macronutrient composition and glycemic index of a yoghurt breakfast on satiety and mood in healthy young men. Click Here 
  • Skipping breakfast: Morningness-eveningness preference is differentially related to state and trait food cravings. Click Here 
  • Logic does not apply: Breakfast. Click Here 

Stigma & Bias

  • Lose weight for a raise only if overweight: Marginal integration for semi-linear panel models. Click Here 
  • Weight-based stigma and physician bias. Click Here 
  • Implicit and Explicit Anti-Fat Bias among a Large Sample of Medical Doctors by BMI, Race/Ethnicity and Gender. Click Here 

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral

  • Media Distortion. Study: Obesity Gene May Fight Depression; Media: Fat People Are Really Jolly! Click Here 
  • Unsure what the future will bring? You may overindulge: Uncertainty increases the appeal of wants over shoulds. Click Here 
  • The Gargle Effect: Rinsing the Mouth With Glucose Enhances Self-Control. Click Here 
  • Watching a food-related television show and caloric intake. A laboratory study. Click Here 
  • The Negative Association of Childhood Obesity to Cognitive Control of Action Monitoring. Click Here 
  • Explaining the failures of obesity therapy: willpower attenuation, target miscalculation or metabolic compensation? Click Here 
  • Impatience, Incentives, and Obesity. Click Here 
  • How vegetables make the meal: their hedonic and heroic impact on perceptions of the meal and of the preparer. Click Here 
  • Healthy Foods Thought to Be Unhealthy at First Glance. Click Here 
  • Isolating the effect of major depression on obesity: role of selection bias. Click Here 
  • Projecting the Effect of Changes in Smoking and Obesity on Future Life Expectancy in the United States. Click Here 
  • Adding complementary food in addition to breast milk to infants' diets from 4 months of age does not affect growth rate between 4 and 6 months: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Click Here 
  • Zonisamide for weight reduction in obese adults: a 1-year randomized controlled trial. Click Here 
  • 'Fat' Drug could treat epilepsy. Click Here 
  • Efficacy of rimonabant in obese patients with binge eating disorder. Click Here 
  • Short message service reduces dropout in childhood obesity treatment: A randomized controlled trial. Click Here 
  • Researchers find gene variants linked to sleep habits, time of death. Click Here 
  • The relationship between eating-related individual differences and visual attention to foods high in added fat and sugar. Click Here 
  • Exercise key for healthy children. Click Here 
  • Is vibration exercise a useful addition to a weight management program? Click Here 
  • Socioeconomic variation in the relationship between obesity and life expectancy. Click Here 
  • Fructose metabolism in humans – what isotopic tracer studies tell us. Click Here 
  • Diabetes Rates Soar in U.S. as 18 States See Cases Double. Click Here 
  • Daycare linked to obesity risk in kids, Quebec study finds. Click Here 


  • Sarcopenia Conference, Dec 6-7, Orlando Florida. Click Here 
  • Kelly D. Brownell: Award for Distinguished Scientific Applications of Psychology. Click Here 
  • Nationwide Childhood Obesity Challenge Winners Announced. Click Here 

Some Recent and Upcoming Communications from Gary Taubes

  • Why the Campaign to Stop America's Obesity Crisis Keeps Failing. Click Here 
  • Upcoming Forum - Why we get fat: Diet Trends & Food Policy. Click Here 
  • What Really Makes Us Fat. Click Here 
  • Calories vs. nutrients. Click Here 

General Science

  • A comparative assessment of univariate longevity measures using zoological animal records. Click Here 
  • When Cheating Would Make You a Cheater: Implicating the Self Prevents Unethical Behavior. Click Here 
  • Scientific inbreeding and same-team replication: Type D personality as an example. Click Here 
  • Bateman in Nature: Predation on Offspring Reduces the Potential for Sexual Selection. Click Here 
  • New ORCID ID Aims to Resolve Authorship Confusion. Click Here 
  • The Changing Face of Journal Metrics. Click Here 
  • Improving the Reporting of Clinical Research - An Editor's View. Click Here