Posted 8/10/12

Basic Science

  • The lifespan extension effects of resveratrol are conserved in the honey bee and may be driven by a mechanism related to caloric restriction. Click Here 
  • A mathematical model of weight loss under total starvation and implications of the genetic architecture of the modern obesity epidemic for the thrifty-gene hypothesis. Click Here 
  • Heritability variations of body linearity and obesity indicators during growth. Click Here 
  • Limitations in anti-obesity drug development: the critical role of hunger-promoting neurons. Click Here 
  • Evolving concepts on adjusting human resting energy expenditure measurements for body size. Click Here 
  • Humble zebrafish helping researchers find new treatments for obesity and osteoporosis. Click Here 
  • Green tea extract suppresses adiposity and affects the expression of lipid metabolism genes in dietinduced obese zebrafish. Click Here 
  • Diet-induced obesity in ad libitum-fed mice: food texture overrides the effect of macronutrient composition. Click Here 
  • Early and Late Onset of Voluntary Exercise Have Differential Effects on the Metabolic Syndrome in an Obese Mouse Model. Click Here 

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral

  • The Skeleton Coast Diet Plan: body mass and body fat changes on an arduous expedition. Click Here 
  • Caloric compensation and eating in the absence of hunger in 5- to 12-y-old weight-discordant siblings. Click Here 
  • Submitted for your consideration: potential advantages of a novel clinical trial design and initial patient reaction Click Here 
  • "Our results do not support the previous findings on the association between SSB consumption and metabolic syndrome". Click Here 
  • Fat Thoughts Can Make You Fat, Study Says. Click Here 
  • Race, ethnicity, and the relevance of obesity for social integration. Click Here 
  • Driver safety and obesity. Click Here 
  • Obesity and suicide risk in adults-A systematic review. Click Here 
  • Association of adenovirus 36 infection with obesity and metabolic markers in humans: a meta-analysis of observational studies. Click Here 
  • Weighing in: Obesity, food justice, and the limits of capitalism. Click Here 
  • Covariation bias for food-related control is associated with eating disorders symptoms in normal adolescents Click Here 
  • Understanding everyday life of morbidly obese adults-habits and body image. Click Here 
  • Estimating the percentage of food expenditure in small areas using bias-corrected P-spline based estimators. Click Here 
  • Sexual orientation and bias in self-reported BMI. Click Here 
  • Association of Weight Status With Mortality in Adults With Incident Diabetes. Click Here 
  • Beyond the Obesity Paradox in Diabetes: Fitness, Fatness, and Mortality. Click Here 
  • Race, ethnicity, and the relevance of obesity for social integration. Click Here 
  • The effects of four hypocaloric diets containing different levels of sucrose or high fructose corn syrup on weight loss and related parameters. Click Here 
  • Sleeping Habits Predict the Magnitude of Fat Loss in Adults Exposed to Moderate Caloric Restriction. Click Here 
  • Hyperactivity in anorexia nervosa: warming up not just burning-off calories. Click Here 
  • Variety could increase vegetable intake Click Here 
  • Sedentary office workers try standing desks Click Here 
  • Accuracy and reliability of self-reported weight and height in the Sister Study Click Here 
  • Risk of fracture after bariatric surgery in the United Kingdom: population based, retrospective cohort study Click Here 
  • Evolving concepts on adjusting human resting energy expenditure measurements for body size. Click Here 
  • Maternal employment and childhood obesity: A search for mechanisms in time use data. Click Here 

Policy related

  • Soft paternalism and obesity-related reform. Click Here 
  • School-Based BMI and Body Composition Screening and Parent Notification in California: Methods and Messages. Click Here 
  • A simple color-coded labeling and choice architecture intervention improved food and beverage choices among employees. Click Here 
  • Presidental address-obesity discrimination: what can we do? Click Here 
  • Does competitive food and beverage legislation hurt meal participation or revenues in high schools Click Here 
  • Debate Sparks Food for Thought on the Role of the Government in Curbing Obesity. Click Here 
  • Downsizing Supersize. Click Here 
  • Cost-effectiveness of preventing weight gain and obesity: What we know and what we need to know. Click Here 

General Science

  • Bias Is Unavoidable. Click Here 
  • In Alabama, a tiny snail, thought extinct, rediscovered. Click Here 
  • On the limits of diversity. Click Here 
  • Deep sea 'solution' to superbugs. Click Here 
  • A Geneticist's Research Turns Personal. Click Here 
  • Is the subjective perception of lactose intolerance influenced by the psychological profile? Click Here 
  • Ethical and Scientific Issues in Studying the Safety of Approved Drugs; Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice. Click Here 
  • Prediction of expected years of life using whole-genome markers. Click Here