Posted 2/15/13

Findings Contrary to Hypotheses or Common Beliefs

  • RCT: Calorie menu labeling had no effect on total calories ordered. Click Here
  • The density of healthy food outlets did not predict consumption of fruits or vegetables in NYC. Click Here
  • Densities of supermarkets and other retail outlets are not associated with fruit and vegetable purchases. Click Here
  • Non-monotonic relation of dietary energy density to body composition and growth in pigs. Click Here
  • Are plant-based diets environmentally friendly? Click Here
  • Compared with infants fed formulas, infants fed breast milk had higher fat mass at age 3 months, and lower fat-free mass at age 6-12 months. Click Here


  • Unambiguous Identification of Obesity Trials. Click Here
  • Substitution Patterns Can Limit the Effects of Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Taxes on Obesity. Click Here


  • RCT: Effects of Caloric and Non-caloric Beverages Consumed Freely at Meal-time on Ad libitum intake. Click Here
  • RCT: Neither HFCS nor table sugar increases liver fat under 'real world' conditions. Click Here
  • RCT: Four hypocaloric diets containing different levels of sucrose or high fructose corn syrup do not produce different weight losses. Click Here

Basic Science

  • X and Y Chromosome Complement Influence Adiposity and Metabolism in Mice. Click Here
  • The immune system's involvement in obesity-driven type 2 diabetes. Click Here
  • Accelerated fat cell aging links oxidative stress and insulin resistance in adipocytes. Click Here
  • Asthma drug amlexanox reverses obesity and diabetes in mice. Click Here
  • Children with obese fathers show epigenetic changes that may affect their health. Click Here
  • Chronic treatment with a melanocortin-4 receptor agonist causes weight loss, reduces insulin resistance, and improves cardiovascular function in obese rhesus macaques. Click Here
  • Cycles of protein restriction improved memory and slowed advance of the Alzheimer's-like disease in mice. Click Here
  • Early Life Nutritional Programming of Obesity: Mother-Child Cohort Studies. Click Here
  • Evidence of Brown Fat Activity in Constitutional Leanness. Click Here

Gut Microbiota

  • Helicobacter pylori colonization suppressed weight gain in mice. Click Here
  • RCT: A Mixture of trans-Galactooligosaccharides Reduces Markers of Metabolic Syndrome and Modulates Fecal Microbiota and Immune Function of Overweight Adults. Click Here
  • The role of the manipulation of the gut microbiota in obesity. Click Here
  • Changes in the gut microbiota of cloned and non-cloned control pigs during development of obesity: gut microbiota during development of obesity in cloned pigs. Click Here
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG improves insulin sensitivity and reduces adiposity in high-fat diet-fed mice through enhancement of adiponectin production. Click Here
  • The effect of very low food intake on digestive physiology and forage digestibility in horses. Click Here
  • The gut microbial metabolome: Modulation of cancer risk in obese individuals. Click Here

Body Composition

  • Not all fat is equal. Click Here
  • What distinguishes adipose tissue of severely obese humans who are insulin sensitive and resistant? Click Here

Clinical, Translational, Behavioral Science - Drugs

  • The Obesity Society Finds HCG Useless for Obesity. Click Here
  • Nomilin as an Anti-Obesity and Anti-Hyperglycemic Agent. Click Here
  • RCT: Effect of Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor Agonist on BMI in Obese Adolescents. Click Here
  • RCT: Novel opioid receptor antagonist ALKS-33 in binge eating disorder. Click Here
  • RCT: Osmotic release oral system methylphenidate prevents weight gain during a smoking-cessation attempt in adults with ADHD. Click Here
  • Long-Acting Reversible Contraception and Type 2 Diabetes for Obese Women. Click Here

Clinical, Translational, Behavioral Science - Exercise

  • RCT: Effects of Diet and/or Low-Intensity Resistance Exercise Training on Arterial Stiffness, Adiposity, and Lean Mass in Obese Postmenopausal Women. Click Here
  • RCT: Physical activity and nutrition behavioural outcomes of a home-based intervention program for seniors. Click Here
  • RCT: Web-based Intervention to Promote Physical Activity by Sedentary Older Adults. Click Here
  • PodCast: Molly Bray on Obesity, exercise and epigenetics. Click Here
  • Association between diet and physical activity and sedentary behaviours in British children. Click Here
  • Effects of Rain on Energy Metabolism while Running in a Cold Environment. Click Here
  • No sex difference in body fat in response to supervised and measured exercise. Click Here

Clinical, Translational, Behavioral Science - Food

  • RCT: Giving Up Chocolate - A Strategy for Combating Hedonic Adaptation. Click Here
  • RCT: Cocoa polyphenols enhance positive mood states but not cognitive performance. Click Here
  • RCT: In a Comparison of Treating Metabolic Acidosis in CKD Stage 4 Hypertensive Kidney Disease with Fruits and Vegetables or Sodium Bicarbonate, those in F&V group lost more weight. Click Here
  • RCT: The effect of two iso-caloric meals containing equal amounts of fats with a different fat composition on the inflammatory and metabolic markers in apparently healthy volunteers. Click Here
  • RCT: Effect of breakfast skipping on diurnal variation of energy metabolism and blood glucose. Click Here
  • Capsinoids and related food ingredients activating brown fat thermogenesis and reducing body fat in humans. Click Here
  • Effect of fat and CHO meals on intermittent exercise in soccer players. Click Here

Clinical, Translational, Behavioral Science - Other

  • The Burden of Guilt: Heavy Backpacks, Light Snacks, and Enhanced Morality. Click Here
  • RCT: Effects of Experimental Sleep Restriction on Caloric Intake and Activity Energy Expenditure. Click Here
  • Area-level deprivation and adiposity in children: is the relationship linear? Click Here
  • RCT: Long-term Effectiveness of a Lifestyle Intervention in Severely Obese Individuals. Click Here
  • RCT: Family intervention focused on effective parenting is associated with decreased child obesity prevalence 3-5 years later. Click Here
  • Home altitude tied to obesity risk. Click Here
  • Intergenerational educational mobility and obesity in adolescence. Click Here
  • RCT: Therapist-led v. self-help parental intervention appear equally effective for treating childhood obesity. Click Here

Energetics, Ecology & Evolution

  • Fat or lean: Adjustment of endogenous energy stores to predictable and unpredictable changes in allostatic load. Click Here
  • Allometry of thermal variables in mammals: consequences of body size and phylogeny. Click Here
  • Experimental demonstration of the growth rate-lifespan trade-off. Click Here

Longevity, Aging, Senescence

  • Metabolic and cellular effects of calorie restriction and whey proteins in experimental obesity. Click Here
  • Role of the hypothalamus in mediating protective effects of dietary restriction during aging. Click Here
  • The prolongation of the lifespan of rats by repeated oral administration of 60 fullerene. Click Here
  • Integrating Metabolism and Longevity Through Insulin and IGF1 Signaling. Click Here


  • Hypothesis: Dynamic, periodic and spatial variation in indoor temperature (within and beyond the thermoneutral zone) will positively influence long-term comfort and health. Click Here
  • Impact of nesting material on mouse body temperature and physiology. Click Here
  • Stay cool and live longer? Click Here

Timing/Circadian Effects

  • Time-restricted feeding of rapidly digested starches causes stronger entrainment of the liver clock in PER2::LUCIFERASE knock-in mice. Click Here
  • RCT: Eating carbohydrate mostly at lunch and protein mostly at dinner within a covert hypocaloric diet influences morning glucose homeostasis in overweight/obese men. Click Here

Misinformation in Marketing

  • Alkaline products promise health benefits with little proof to support such claims. Click Here

Research Integrity

  • A proposal for reducing the effect of one of many causes of publication bias. Click Here
  • Authors of observational studies often extrapolate their results to make recommendations concerning a medical practice, typically without first calling for a RCT. Click Here

General Science


  • Sam Klein honored by the Academy of Science of St. Louis for his obesity research. Click Here
  • Mark Tremblay awarded Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. Click Here
  • Briefing: March 21, 2012 "Assessing the Economics of Obesity and Obesity Interventions". Click Here

Job Announcements

  • UAB School of Public Health invites applications for the position of Chair of the Department of Biostatistics. Click Here
  • UAB seeks Assistant/Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering - Those with interests in energetics or obesity welcomed to apply. Click Here