Posted 2/1/13

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  • Myths, Presumptions, and Facts about Obesity. Click Here
  • Myths of Weight Loss Are Plentiful, Researcher Says. Click Here

Findings Counter to Hypotheses and Common Beliefs

  • "Contrary to common claims, US agricultural policies have had ...negligible influence on dietary patterns and obesity." Click Here
  • Self-reported BMI bias estimates increasing due to weight bias, not weight loss. Click Here
  • Cash and in-Kind Transfers Lead to Excess Weight Gain in a Population of Women with a High Prevalence of Overweight in Rural Mexico. Click Here
  • Consumption of breakfast cereal with higher or lower added sugar was not associated with unhealthy physiological end points in children. Click Here
  • No associations were found between intake of sugar-sweetened beverages and snacks, playing computer games and weight status. Click Here
  • Think preventive medicine will save money? Think again. Click Here
  • Dividing a breakfast over four hours instead of one sitting did not significantly affect energy intake at lunch. Click Here
  • Sitting time was not associated with obesity cross-sectionally or prospectively. Click Here
  • No effect of a web-based intervention to promote physical activity and improve health among physically inactive adults: A population-based randomized controlled trial. Click Here
  • A Modified DASH Diet for African American Communities did not affect blood pressure. Click Here

Basic Science

  • Common variants in the LAMA5 gene associate with fasting plasma glucose and serum triglyceride levels in a cohort of pre-and early pubertal children. Click Here
  • Social dominance and post-breeding weight change in American flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber ruber). Click Here
  • Insulin induces long-term depression of ventral tegmental area dopamine neurons via endocannabinoids. Click Here
  • Coat colour in mouse populations selected for weight gain: support for hitchhiking, not pleiotropy. Click Here
  • Role of fat body lipogenesis in protection against the effects of caloric overload in Drosophila. Click Here
  • Perinatal BPA exposure is associated with hyperactive and lean phenotypes in mice. Click Here
  • Angiotensin AT(2) Receptor Contributes towards Gender Bias in Weight Gain. Click Here
  • Obesity had limited effects on acute inflammatory response in pregnant rats. Click Here

Gut Microbiota

  • Chocolate, Gut Microbiota, And Human Health. Click Here
  • Interspecific variations in the gastrointestinal microbiota in penguins. Click Here
  • Genetic Control of Obesity and Gut Microbiota in Response to "Junk food diet" in Mice. Click Here


  • Video: Metabolic Profile Analysis of Zebrafish Embryos. Click Here
  • Medaka fish, Oryzias latipes, as a model for human obesity-related glomerulopathy. Click Here
  • The use of dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) to assess the impact of Eimeria infections in broiler chicks. Click Here
  • An Evaluation of a Handheld Indirect Calorimeter Against a Standard Calorimeter in Obese and Nonobese Adults. Click Here
  • Innovation in weight loss programs: A 3-dimensional virtual-world approach. Click Here
  • Dynamic semiparametric Bayesian models for genetic mapping of complex trait with irregular longitudinal data. Click Here
  • A statistical approach to evaluate the effects of obesity on health-care expenditure. Click Here
  • Methods for Mediation Analysis with Missing Data. Click Here


  • Stagnation in the clinical, community and public health domain of obesity: the need for probative research. Click Here
  • The Battleground Between Personal Choice and Regulations. Click Here
  • Large-single-serving and dual-column nutrition labels may help consumers make more informed food choices. Click Here
  • Michigan weight loss challenge results in 8,616 pounds lost. Click Here
  • Comparing 20 years of national general surgery malpractice claims data: obesity versus morbid obesity. Click Here
  • When the Policy Makers Who Are Supposed to Protect Us, Get Risk Wrong. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral - Nutrition

  • Favorite foods of older adults living in the Black Belt Region of the United States. Influences of ethnicity, gender, and education. Click Here
  • Meta-analysis of high versus low protein energy restricted diets. Click Here
  • Prospective demonstration of the effects of caloric excess in healthy adults. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral - Eating Behavior

  • Eating more calories earlier in the day associated with better weight loss and CLOCK SNP in Spain. Click Here
  • Considerably smaller snack portions satisfy delayed hunger and craving. Click Here
  • Nighttime snacking reduces whole body fat oxidation and increases LDL cholesterol in healthy young women. Click Here
  • Restrained female consumers increase consumption of foods they believe are healthier. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral - Other Behavior

  • Can You 'Train' Yourself to Have More Willpower? Click Here
  • A study on the effect of high calorie diet on stress alleviation. Click Here
  • Family intervention focused on effective parenting is associated with decreased child obesity prevalence 3-5 years later. Click Here
  • Social dynamics of obesity. Click Here
  • Two weight loss interventions result in similar weight loss but different post-intervention weight maintenance. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral - Exercise

  • Physically active transport would reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Click Here
  • Flashback: The effect of carbohydrate mouth rinse on 1-h cycle time trial performance (2004). Click Here
  • Interventions to increase PE time that students spend in Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity: Caution is warranted regarding the strength of available evidence - Systematic Review. Click Here
  • Gene expression changes in adipose tissue with diet- and/or exercise-induced weight loss. Click Here
  • Does the Benefit on Survival from Leisure Time Physical Activity Depend on Physical Activity at Work? A Prospective Cohort Study. Click Here
  • Breakfast and exercise contingently affect postprandial metabolism and energy balance in physically active males. Click Here
  • Association Between Physical Activity and Risk of All-Cause Mortality and Cardiovascular Disease in Patients With Diabetes: A meta-analysis. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral - Other

  • Association of elevation, urbanization and ambient temperature with obesity prevalence in the United States. Click Here
  • The Effects of Female Labor Force Participation on Obesity. Click Here
  • The causal effect of education on health and health-related behavior: Evidence from a compulsory schooling reform. Click Here
  • Viagra and weight loss? Click Here
  • Efficacy and safety of lorcaserin in obese adults: a meta-analysis. Click Here
  • Weight Loss by Multidisciplinary Intervention Improves Endothelial and Sexual Function in Obese Fertile Women. Click Here
  • Overweight (not obesity) paradox in cardiovascular disease mortality. Click Here
  • Driver obesity and the risk of fatal injury during traffic collisions. Click Here
  • Regional differences in a European low-calorie, 8 week, multicentre weight loss study. Click Here
  • Body Mass Trajectories and Mortality Among Older Adults: A Joint Growth Mixture-Discrete-Time Survival Analysis. Click Here
  • General and central obesity are positively associated with colorectal cancer risk: systematic review of prospective studies. Click Here


  • New Research Suggests Extra Pounds, Large Waists Undermine Perceptions of Leadership Ability. Click Here
  • Bioethicist suggests increased stigmatization of obese persons. Click Here
  • Comment on above article: Obesity and public health: no place for shame. Click Here
  • Internalized weight bias: Ratings of the self, normal weight, and obese individuals and psychological maladjustment. Click Here


  • Is Dr. Oz doing more harm than good? Click Here
  • Citation bias favoring statistically significant studies was present in medical research. Click Here
  • Michael Specter: The danger of science denial | Video on TED.com. Click Here
  • Research funding: Same work, twice the money? Click Here
  • Commentary on: Research funding: Same work, twice the money? Click Here
  • Authors not sharing microarray data or reporting non-compliant results when publishing. Click Here
  • Downplaying the Obesity Epidemic, Even in a Single Story, is Hazardous to Public Health. Click Here


  • Cilia, tubby mice, and obesity. Click Here
  • The Downey Obesity Report. Click Here
  • Obesity: Appetite hormone weighs in. Comment on Gary Taubes' 'Treat obesity as physiology, not physics.'. Click Here
  • Top five most misleading words in US food advertising revealed. Click Here
  • Science souring on sugar - Letter. Click Here
  • Opinion: Communication Crisis in Research. Click Here

Narrative Reviews

  • Aging and Insulin Resistance: Just Say iNOS. Click Here
  • Endocannabinoids in obesity: brewing up the perfect metabolic storm? Click Here
  • From conditioned hypoglycemia to obesity: Following the data. Click Here
  • Hypertension in obesity: is leptin the culprit? Click Here

General Science

  • Longevity for free? Increased reproduction with limited trade-offs in Drosophila melanogaster selected for increased life span. Click Here
  • Fungus threatens scientists' lifeblood: coffee. Click Here
  • Studies of dog's cancer may lead to medical breakthroughs for health care of humans. Click Here
  • Quantum theory of smell. Click Here
  • Microbes in the sky. Click Here


  • Kelly Brownell Named Dean of Sanford School at Duke University. Click Here
  • Request for Information on Biomarkers for Prediction of Response to Obesity Therapies and Sustained Weight Loss. Click Here
  • 6th Annual Research Day at Auburn University on March 1. Click Here
  • Conference: International Conference on Ambulatory Monitoring of Physical Activity and Movement, June 17-19, 2013. Click Here
  • Conference: 'Obesity and Pregnancy' - Boston, MA, May 15th - 17th, 2013. Click Here
  • Workshop for Engaging Social, Behavioral, and Economic Scientists through Social and Policy Entrepreneurship. Click Here
  • Darwin Day resolution in Congress. Click Here
  • Henry Markram's Brain Modeling Project Wins half Billion Euro Science Contest. Click Here

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