Posted 1/25/13

Caloric Restriction

  • Caloric Restriction Enhances Fear Extinction Learning in Mice. Click Here
  • Calories May Not Count in Life Extension. Click Here
  • Autophagy mediates caloric restriction-induced lifespan extension in Arabidopsis. Click Here

Methods & Teaching

  • Student Scientists Learn about Energy Balance through Science Museum-Academic Partnership. Click Here
  • A High-Throughput Fluorescence-Based Assay System for Appetite-Regulating Gene and Drug Screening in Zebrafish. Click Here
  • In many studies, zebrafish are the new lab rats. Click Here
  • Propensity score analysis: promise, reality and irrational exuberance. Click Here
  • Comparison of Energy Intake in Toddlers Assessed by Food Frequency Questionnaire and Total Energy Expenditure Measured by the Doubly Labeled Water Method. Click Here


  • Declaring Victory over Childhood Obesity?Click Here
  • Huntsville initiative designed to reduce obesity by promoting healthy eating and active lifestyles.Click Here
  • Carrots, Sticks and False Carrots: How high should weight control wellness incentives be? Findings from a population-level experiment.Click Here
  • Hard truths and a new strategy for addressing childhood obesity.Click Here
  • Most Americans do not support Taxes on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages.Click Here
  • Most Respondents to an NEJM Survey support government regulation of sugar-sweetened beverages to help reduce the burden of obesity.Click Here
  • Most Californians say food and beverage companies should play a role in preventing obesity.Click Here
  • FDA Study on Food Labeling and Obesity.Click Here

Fast Food Related

  • Energy Content of Average Fast Food Offerings Has Not Increased Since 1997. Click Here
  • Fast-Food Restaurant Advertising on Television and Its Association with Youth Body Composition.Click Here
  • Potential effect of physical activity based menu labels on the calorie content of selected fast food meals.Click Here
  • Nutrition-labeling regulation impacts on restaurant environments.Click Here

Findings Counter to Hypotheses and Popular Ideas

  • No relationship between frequency of family meals and BMI. Click Here
  • Eggs: Large Study Finds No Harm. Click Here
  • Fatalistic and hedonistic present orientations were not associated with smoking, obesity, or exercise. Click Here
  • History of weight cycling does not impede future weight loss or metabolic improvements in postmenopausal women. Click Here
  • Sugar-sweetened beverage intake before age 6 and weight or BMI - results are inconsistent. Click Here
  • No association between sugar-sweetened beverages and both gestational weight gain and gestational diabetes. Click Here

Built Environment and Obesity

  • No significant difference among four neighborhoods varying in recreation environments after controlling for age, sex and household income. Click Here
  • Living closer to a large supermarket associated with higher BMI among some children - Proximity to fast-food unrelated. Click Here
  • Access to urban green spaces does not appear to be associated with recreational physical activity in middle-aged adults. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral - Food

  • Watching a food-related television show and caloric intake. A laboratory study. Click Here
  • Dietary Consequences of Recommending Reduced-Fat Dairy Products in the Weight-Loss Context. Click Here
  • Blood Pressure Decreases More after High-Carbohydrate Meals Than after High-Protein Meals in Overweight Adults with Elevated Blood Pressure Only. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral - Physical Activity

  • Car commuters gain more weight. Click Here
  • Physical activity in children and youth may have greater impact on energy intake than energy expenditure. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral - Other

  • Height and In-Flight Low Back Pain Association Among Military Helicopter Pilots. Click Here
  • Obesity raises risk of car crash death. Click Here
  • Exposure to Light at Night, Nocturnal Urinary Melatonin Excretion, and Obesity/Dyslipidemia in the Elderly. Click Here
  • Sleep duration and body mass index in twins: a gene-environment interaction. Click Here
  • RCT: A moderate dose of caffeine ingestion does not change energy expenditure but decreases sleep time in physically active males. Click Here
  • Joint association of adiposity and smoking with mortality among U.S. adults. Click Here
  • Genome wide analysis reveals association of a FTO gene variant with epigenetic changes. Click Here
  • Can you enhance executive control without glucose? The effects of fructose on problem solving. Click Here

Gut Microflora and Antibiotics

  • Probiotics could attenuate sperm damage to some extent. Click Here
  • Divergent metabolic outcomes arising from targeted manipulation of the gut microbiota in diet-induced obesity. Click Here
  • Antibiotic Use in Infants Before Six Months Associated With Being Overweight in Childhood. Click Here

Basic Science

  • High Multivitamin intake during pregnancy contributes to obesity in offspring in rats. Click Here
  • Obesogenic phenotype of offspring of dams fed a high multivitamin diet is prevented by a post-weaning high multivitamin or high folate diet. Click Here
  • Viagra converts fat cells. Click Here
  • IL-15 Overexpression Promotes Endurance, Oxidative Energy Metabolism, and Muscle PPAR , SIRT1, PGC-1 , and PGC-1 Expression in Male Mice. Click Here
  • Hop extract inhibits obesity in mice fed a high-fat diet. Click Here
  • The "Dessert Effect": Rats acquire stronger preference for flavors consumed towards the end of a high-fat meal. Click Here
  • Food intake and body weight responses to intermittent vs. continuous gastric electrical stimulation in diet-induced obese rats. Click Here
  • Hypothalamic control of energy balance: insights into the role of synaptic plasticity. Click Here
  • The Adaptive Response of Protein Turnover to the Energetic Demands of Reproduction in a Cephalopod. Click Here
  • Second-Generation Antipsychotics Cause a Rapid Switch to Fat Oxidation That Is Required for Survival in C57BL/6J Mice. Click Here
  • Effect of the myostatin locus on muscle mass and intramuscular fat content in a cross between mouse lines selected for hypermuscularity. Click Here

Temperature, Obesity, and Energetics

  • Mice long-term selected for high body mass are more susceptible to body fat deposition in response to a high fat diet due to insufficient increase in heat production. Click Here
  • Winter Reduction in Body Mass in a Very Small, Nonhibernating Mammal: Consequences for Heat Loss and Metabolic Rates. Click Here
  • Directional selection on cold tolerance does not constrain plastic capacity in a butterfly. Click Here

Evolution and Energetics

  • A mathematical model of weight loss under total starvation: Evidence against the thrifty-gene hypothesis. Click Here
  • Diet Shaped Dog Domestication. Click Here
  • Adaptive management of body mass by Siberian jays. Click Here
  • AMPK as a conserved life span modulator that links energy sensing to longevity. Click Here
  • Evolution of defense against depletion of local food resources in a mechanistic foraging model. Click Here
  • Sexual differences in the consumption of food by Homo sapiens: some speculations in archeogastronomy and the evolution of eating patterns. Click Here

General Science

  • Francis Collins: Changes at the NIH. Click Here
  • The Statistical Puzzle Over How Much Biomedical Research is Wrong. Click Here
  • Lateral gene transfer between vertebrate species. Click Here
  • Whole-genome association study for energy balance and fat/protein ratio in German Holstein bull dams. Click Here
  • Budget Cuts and the Plight of Postdocs. Click Here

Research Integrity

  • Academic disintegrity among medical students: a randomised response technique study. Click Here
  • Opinion: Publish Negative Results. Click Here
  • Men more likely than women to commit scientific fraud. Click Here

Upcoming Conferences and Workshops

  • Metabolism, Obesity and Obesity-associated Diseases. Click Here
  • RFI-High-Priority Research Topics for Sedentary Behavior. Click Here
  • Active Living Research: Using Evidence to Prevent Childhood Obesity and Create Active Communities. Click Here

Career Opportunities

  • UAB Seeks Applications for Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Obesity Research. Click Here
  • UAB Lists 12 Open Faculty Positions Specifying Obesity Interests. Click Here