Posted 01/04/13.


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Misinformation in The Media.

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Basic Science.

  • Inflammation during obesity is not all bad: Evidence from animal and human studies. Click Here
  • Reproductive success and failure: the role of winter body mass in reproductive allocation in Norwegian moose. Click Here
  • Genomic variation landscape of the human gut microbiome. Click Here
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  • Effects of corn particle size, complete diet grinding, and diet form on finishing pig growth performance, caloric efficiency, carcass characteristics, and economics. Click Here

Bias & Stigma.

  • Weight-based victimization: bullying experiences of weight loss treatment-seeking youth. Click Here
  • Weight Bias Against Women in a University Acceptance Scenario. Click Here

Sugar, Fructose, HFCS.

  • Reduction of abdominal fat accumulation in rats by 8-week ingestion of a newly developed sweetener made from high fructose corn syrup. Click Here
  • Effects of Fructose vs. Glucose on Regional Cerebral Blood Flow in Brain Regions Involved with Appetite and Reward Pathways. Click Here
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Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral Science - Food Related.

  • Backfire: Advergames that promote fruit increase energy intake among children. Click Here
  • Controlled investigation finds no significant differences in sensory attributes of organic and conventional fruits and vegetables. Click Here
  • Systematic Review finds inconsistent and weak evidence of association between frequency of family meals and childhood overweight. Click Here
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  • In an RCT, adding complementary food in addition to breast milk to infants' diets from 4 months of age does not affect growth rate between 4 and 6 months. Click Here
  • Early invitation to food and/or multiple micronutrient supplementation in pregnancy does not affect body composition in offspring at 54 months: follow-up of the MINIMat randomised trial, Bangladesh. Click Here
  • Dietary patterns and diet quality among diverse older adults: The University of Alabama at Birmingham study of aging. Click Here
  • Retinoids: Potent regulators of metabolism. Click Here
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  • The Modern Obesity Epidemic, Ancestral Hunter-Gatherers, and the Sensory/Reward Control of Food Intake. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral Science - Exercise Related.

  • Effects of circuit-based exercise programs on the body composition of elderly obese women. Click Here
  • Only minor metabolic health benefits of high as opposed to moderate dose physical exercise in young, moderately overweight men. Click Here
  • Effects of supervised exercise training at the intensity of maximal fat oxidation in overweight young women. Click Here
  • The effect of nighttime macronutrient choice and exercise training on body composition, strength, cardiovascular health, resting metabolism, and appetite in overweight and obese adults. Click Here
  • Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Exercise and Dietary Behaviors of Middle-Aged and Older Adults. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral Science - Other.

  • Takeda ends obesity alliance with Amylin. Click Here
  • Exenatide as a Novel Weight Loss Modality in Patients Without Diabetes. Click Here
  • Chemerin and Vaspin: Possible Targets to Treat Obesity? Click Here
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  • Response monitoring and cognitive control in childhood obesity. Click Here
  • The Power Semantics in Self and Other Repertory Grid Representations: A Comparison between Obese and Normal-Weight Adult Women. Click Here

Dairy & Calcium.

  • In an RCT among predominantly overweight adolescents, Milk, Juice, or Water consumption for 6 months had no differential effects on weight. Click Here
  • Effects of milk and milk constituents on postprandial lipid and glucose metabolism in overweight and obese men. Click Here
  • Effect of calcium intake on fat oxidation in adults: a meta-analysis of randomized, controlled trials. Click Here


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General Science.

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  • Position Available: Metabolic and Neural Regulation of Human Body Weight. Click Here